The 2nd Ratchaburi Dragonfire Cup (…and how to get schooled by a Thai League Team)

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A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to spectate and play in the 2nd Ratchaburi Dragonfire Cup, one of hundreds of regional takraw competitions that happen all over Thailand, all year round. This was the second time the Nongpho Ratchaburi Takraw Club has held the Dragonfire Cup as part of a local festival on the banks of the Mae Klong river in Ratchaburi City. For videos check out our youtube channel at and for the full photo album head on … Read More

Melbourne Easter Sepak Takraw Competition

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So this year I spent my Easter in Melbourne with my official Australian Sepak Takraw Association hat on, to help run a small takraw competition. The competition was organised by the Hmong Melbourne Youth Society as a bit of a get together for the Hmong community in Australia, but they also extended the invitation to anyone else who wanted to come play some takraw. We had ten teams confirmed to enter, but on the weekend of the competition only nine were able to make … Read More

Takraw Thailand League Update!

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We’ve been a bit slack in updating the blog here, we have however been updating facebook religiously. So if you’d like to stay up to date with Thai league please subscribe to our facebook page!   Time is passing quickly in the world of the Takraw Thailand League! Five rounds have already been contested and round six is getting underway tonight. So with five rounds down, what’s happened you ask? So much! As we expected, last season’s winners Ratchaburi Takraw Club, … Read More

Takraw Thailand League: Explained!

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So if you’re a sepak takraw fan you’ve probably heard about the Takraw Thailand League at some point – but unless you’re a local, it can be pretty tough to find information on it. Well I’m here to help! I’ve written a quick explanation as to how the Thai league works, the rules, the teams, and even a little bit of history – a complete introduction to the most competitive sepak takraw league in the world!   General The Takraw … Read More

2014 Sepak Takraw Swiss Open

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So the 15th-16th of March was a very busy time for sepak takraw all around the world. In Thailand it was the first round of the 2014 Takraw Thailand League, in Malaysia the 2014 Kulim Sepak Takraw Open was held, and if you’d hopped on a plane and headed to Basel, Switzerland you would have found the 2014 Sepak Takraw Swiss Open getting underway. The Swiss Open is one of the larger sepak takraw tournaments held in Europe each year … Read More

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