Our online shop is going on a holiday

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Hey there takraw family, a year between updates? Whoops. We’ve been doing a bit better over on facebook though! I promise! Now for the reason I’m on my soapbox here today is I have some semi-sombre news…   As of a few weeks from now our online shop will be changing. Due to the falling Australian dollar, increasing rates from our fulfilment company, and slow turnover of goods, we can no longer continue our online shop as it is now. Takrawesome still wants to provide … Read More

Sorry for the tumbleweed on our site, we’ve been busy!

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Our website and YouTube channel have been a little bit like a ghost town for the past few months and for that we apologise! It’s not because we’ve been slacking off – it’s the complete opposite! We found ourselves recruited to write articles for the official ISTAF (the International SepakTakraw Federation, in case you’re not familiar with the abundance of takraw acronyms) website – www.sepaktakraw.org. We’ve been writing a fist full of articles each week for them, and on top of … Read More

A(nother) long overdue update!

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Hey all, We’re not super at keeping the website updated, but plenty of things have been happening in the Takrawesome world! I (Daniel) flew to Thailand at the start of July to join Alex in Ratchaburi. Although the Thai league is finished for the year and the players have left Ratchaburi to return to their non-takraw lives, there is still a solid group of players (men and women) and coaches in the area for us to train and play with. Things … Read More

Our first month of YouTube…

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It would probably be more fitting for Alex to write this article as he’s the one responsible for the videos, but his keyboard has decided that the alphabet should only feature 20 letters not 26, which makes it difficult to write coherent sentences. Anyway, read on! So one month ago Alex uploaded the first video he’d filmed and edited since being in Thailand this year. This was the video of him playing in the 2nd Ratchaburi Dragonfire Cup, as well as a few … Read More

The 2nd Ratchaburi Dragonfire Cup (…and how to get schooled by a Thai League Team)

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A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to spectate and play in the 2nd Ratchaburi Dragonfire Cup, one of hundreds of regional takraw competitions that happen all over Thailand, all year round. This was the second time the Nongpho Ratchaburi Takraw Club has held the Dragonfire Cup as part of a local festival on the banks of the Mae Klong river in Ratchaburi City. For videos check out our youtube channel at youtube.com/Takrawesome and for the full photo album head on … Read More

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