Takrawesome is a sepak takraw news blog, run by two Australian sepak takraw players – Alex and Daniel. We love sepak takraw, and we want to see the sport grow in Australia and globally! If there’s some awesome sepak takraw happening in your part of the world that you’d like us to write about – drop us an email and provide us some information. We’ve also got a few interesting things up our sleeves so be sure to check back regularly.



Sepak takraw! If you’ve never heard of it, think of it as an over-the-top game of kick-volleyball with three players on each side of the net attempting to pass the ball over the net and into the opponents court. For more information on sepak takraw and how to get started playing please check out Takraw Australia’s basic skills booklet


About Alex and Daniel

We have been playing takraw socially and competitively since 2009, and have represented Australia in international competition including the ISTAF World Cup and ISTAF King’s Cup. We love takraw so much, we even spent 12 months living in Thailand so that we could train and play with the world’s best! We are also on the committee for the Australian Sepak Takraw Association (ASTA) and so we’re always looking for opportunities to promote sepak takraw in schools and communities across Australia.

Daniel and Alex
Alex serving at King’s Cup in Udonthani, Thailand (2013)
Daniel spiking at a training session in Bangkok, Thailand (2013)


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