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Hey there takraw family, a year between updates? Whoops. We’ve been doing a bit better over on facebook though! I promise!

Now for the reason I’m on my soapbox here today is I have some semi-sombre news…


As of a few weeks from now our online shop will be changing.

Due to the falling Australian dollar, increasing rates from our fulfilment company, and slow turnover of goods, we can no longer continue our online shop as it is now. Takrawesome still wants to provide much needed equipment to the Australian market, but it’s just not sustainable for us to do so as we currently are. …So we are going to change how we provide sepak takraw equipment!

This means two things:
  1. You guys are in for a biiiiiig sale on all remaining stock in the next week!
  2. We’re going to go back to the drawing board for a little while and then relaunch the shop in a different guise, in order to provide takraw equipment in a bulk/wholesale manner.

Ultimately this means cheaper prices for you guys on a per item basis, it’s just that we’re going to have to sell to groups of players, clubs, schools and businesses, rather than individuals.

I’m going to be sending this out via email to all our existing customers in the coming week, so apologies if you read it here then get it in your inbox.

Takrawesome is still around, we’re still kicking! Just a few change ups to the store. We also might have one or two additional things up our sleeve that we’ll reveal when we can.


Stay tuned for our coming sale!


If you’re interested in buying equipment in bulk, do get in touch with any enquiries and we’ll start to fulfil your requests 🙂



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