2014 Thai League Teams

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The 2014 Takraw Thailand League kicks off today (15th March) with five matches across Thailand tonight. We’ll have the complete season schedule up soon, but for now we’ve put together the 2014 team listing with all ten competing teams. Each year two new teams replace the bottom two teams from the previous season, and this year Phrae and Phitsanulok replace Sisaket and Kalasin. It’ll be a very interesting season with so many players switching teams including Pornchai switching from Ratchaburi … Read More

Welcome to Takrawesome!

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Hey takraw fans, welcome to our brand new blog about all things sepak takraw! We’re going to be bringing you sepak takraw news from all over the world, but to start things off we will be focusing on the 2014 Takraw Thailand League (TTL) which is starting on the 15th of March. We’ve already written a couple of articles about the upcoming TTL season that you can check out, including an outline of the new rules, as well as Pornchai Kaokaew’s change … Read More

Pornchai moves from Ratchaburi to… the beach?

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It might seem like a strange choice, but Pornchai Kaokaew is switching clubs for the 2014 Takraw Thailand League (TTL) season. Arguably the best spiker (and perhaps the prettiest – although that’s more fiercely debated) in sepak takraw today, Pornchai Kaokaew helped Ratchaburi ‘Dragons Fire’ Takraw Club to their first ever TTL championship last year, in only the clubs second year of trying. However, the new rule changes for 2014 (Click here to read about it) mean that national-level players will … Read More

New rule changes for 2014 Takraw Thai League season

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The 2014 Takraw Thailand League (TTL) will begin on the 15th of March, and with it we will be seeing a host of rule changes – most of which are specific to the TTL, however there is one change that may affect sepak takraw world-wide. 1) Scoring If you’ve been playing or following sepak takraw for a while, you’ll know that up until 2011 the game was scored to the best of three sets, with the first two sets being … Read More

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