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Hey takraw fans, welcome to our brand new blog about all things sepak takraw!

We’re going to be bringing you sepak takraw news from all over the world, but to start things off we will be focusing on the 2014 Takraw Thailand League (TTL) which is starting on the 15th of March. We’ve already written a couple of articles about the upcoming TTL season that you can check out, including an outline of the new rules, as well as Pornchai Kaokaew’s change of team.

As the year progresses we’ll be bringing you more and more news from different parts of the takraw world including; Istaf Super Series, Istaf World Cup, King’s Cup, Prince Cup, European Competitions, Australian Competitions and more – in fact, we want you to help us do it! If you know of an upcoming competition in your area, or you have some interesting sepak takraw news that you want the world to hear about, let us know by chatting with us on facebook or sending us an email.

The next big thing for Takrawesome will be our online shop where we will sell a whole range of sepak takraw equipment like Marathon balls, Nanyang shoes, Nets, Key rings, Takraw Australia bandanas and more. If you’d like to see us stock a particular product, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do 🙂


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I've been playing sepak takraw since 2009, and I currently play for the Australian national team. As well as running Takrawesome and playing takraw, I'm also on the committee of the Australian Sepak Takraw Association.

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