Takraw Thailand League Update!

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We’ve been a bit slack in updating the blog here, we have however been updating facebook religiously. So if you’d like to stay up to date with Thai league please subscribe to our facebook page!   Time is passing quickly in the world of the Takraw Thailand League! Five rounds have already been contested and round six is getting underway tonight. So with five rounds down, what’s happened you ask? So much! As we expected, last season’s winners Ratchaburi Takraw Club, … Read More

2014 Sepak Takraw Swiss Open

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So the 15th-16th of March was a very busy time for sepak takraw all around the world. In Thailand it was the first round of the 2014 Takraw Thailand League, in Malaysia the 2014 Kulim Sepak Takraw Open was held, and if you’d hopped on a plane and headed to Basel, Switzerland you would have found the 2014 Sepak Takraw Swiss Open getting underway. The Swiss Open is one of the larger sepak takraw tournaments held in Europe each year … Read More

Pornchai moves from Ratchaburi to… the beach?

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It might seem like a strange choice, but Pornchai Kaokaew is switching clubs for the 2014 Takraw Thailand League (TTL) season. Arguably the best spiker (and perhaps the prettiest – although that’s more fiercely debated) in sepak takraw today, Pornchai Kaokaew helped Ratchaburi ‘Dragons Fire’ Takraw Club to their first ever TTL championship last year, in only the clubs second year of trying. However, the new rule changes for 2014 (Click here to read about it) mean that national-level players will … Read More

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